Wild Camp Adventure

I always like to do something that I have never done before for my birthday and this year, it was decided that wild camping was that thing. Unfortunately Emma was unable to come along due to not feeling great which left Carly and myself heading off on an adventure as 2. The plan was to camp after a night walk along Nantlle Ridge however we arrived in Wales later than intended due to traffic and upon assessing the situation, decided that with the mist rolling in, the ridge was probably not out best option.

We parked in Rhyd Du car park and had a discussion about where to go. I spotted a chasm that I wanted to look at and so we headed over the train lines towards the bottom of the Rhyd du Path up Snowdon. The chasm was fenced off due to a huge drop in the ground. After taking some photos, we continued on our way looking for an ideal spot.

I pointed out a flat grassy ledge on some rocks that looked ideal and we meandered over. Once we arrived on the ledge, I pointed out a cross which Carly quickly realised was made out of someones ashes. Alongside the ashes was the most beautiful plaque that had been placed there also. We stood the plaque back up, paid our respects and moved on.

Not much further along the path, there were some similar rocks with ledges so we headed off the path and found our spot for the evening. We set to getting our tarp up and our chilli in the pans to heat before it got too dark. Carly surprised me with some mini bottles of prosecco for my birthday to go with our dinner. Carly’s walking boots made excellent bottle holders.

Whilst pitching, I had said to Carly that I thought my head would be better the other end however for practical reasons, we decided that we would both sleep in the same direction. This was fine until I realised I was on a slight slope whilst trying to get inside my sleeping bag and bivvy bag and I kept sliding down into the side of the tarp … Much to Carly’s amusement. After a lot of laughing and managing to get my bivvy bag back in place, we settled down for the night.

I wasn’t sure I would be able to sleep but I was very cosy and only awoke when the sky cleared and the moon was like a spotlight shining straight onto us. I had a look at the moon and stars and got back off to sleep until the sun started to come up.

Carly had brought along some porridge pots for our breakfast and so we had our porridge and a coffee whilst watching the sun rise. Next we leisurely packed our kit away whilst saying hello to early morning walkers heading along the path and then headed off to find a campsite ready to start our next adventure … Tryfan’s North Ridge.