Sherwood Pines – Night Ride – 31st January 2012

We  all seem to have been abit lazy since Christmas and not much has been going off apart from a bit of Thursday night climbing at Stavely Heathy Living Centre, although some of the guys have got to Awesome Walls in Stockport one Sunday.

Anyway the need to throw a leg over the bike was calling, unfortunately only Guy and myself were able to make this ride the others being far to busy (avoiding the cold), the temperatures were low, although they felt a lot colder than the temp gauge was showing, and we were expected the ground to be fairly firm.

At this time of year Sherwood Pines closes it’s gaes far too early, so we parked up near Vicars Water in Clipstone and biked in from there, meeting the trail at the bottom of the downhill section, here we saw the only 2 riders of the night, although we did see them again passing 20m to the side going in the opposite direction of us about 1/2hr later. They were trying to get out to their car which they’d left at the ‘Dog & Duck’ and we’d advised them to just leave via the main entrance, however the route they took seemed to be a long one considering we’d passed the car park 10 minutes before.

What I said earlier about expecting the ground to be firm … I couldn’t have been more wrong, sections that are normally firm were very mudy, and not just a sloppy mud, at this time of year the mud is full of mulch so riding through it seemed extremely difficult in sections and een where it wasn;t muddy, the trails just seemed very energy sapping, it was the 2nd tme I’d been out with my Cree LED headlight from Japan, and I have to admire just how bright it is (1800 lumens) for just shy of £35 although I reckon the battery regulators are little on the safe sife and it cut out within metres and I mean literally 20m where it cut out the last time I wore it; it’s quite daunting that it does just cut out as well, there’s no warning, it just switches off ( the lamp unit may warn you on the switch but seems it’s on my head I can’t see it); it definitely doesn’t last the claimed 3hr more like 1hr 30mins, luckily I purchased a spare battery as well . Guy was using his light for the first time (exactly the same) and his lasted all the way round.

The last section we were expecting to ride was the downhill section, unfortunately the trail Builder have added a new section which although it’s quite nice to ride, it bypasses the downhill.  Getting back to the car, we were loking forward to dumping the bikes in the garage and geting off to the “Young Vanish” in Glapwell for a well earned carvery!!!

I’m also now getting more familiar with the Shimano XT Rapid Rise rear mech and not needing to think about the gear changes quite as much.