Product Review – KS Lev 272 Dropper Post

I recently ordered this to replace my failing KS i7. And despite being told they were put of stock and weren’t expecting anymore in until begining of Aug, I got home last night (21/07/2014) to find it had already arrived, and in addition it came with a remote lever (with the i7 I had to buy it separate at almost £50 extra)

As I was going out that night for a blast around Sherwood Pines I wanted to get it fitted. It’s a little fiddly but not at all difficult, other than getting the cable clamp to fit underneath the cable barrel at the post end. It’s nice that it doesn’t have the external reservoir of the i7, although having that was always a talking point for people who didn’t know about dropper posts)

In use the LEV was brilliant; the action of the remote lever is extremely light and the action of the post itself is faultless.  Time will tell if it stays that way.



After using the post for a little over a month now, most recently during a 3 day trip to the Lake District, I’m happy to say that the KS Lev is still working nice and smoothly and isn’t suffereing a solid lever fell like the i7 did especially after a muddy ride. I do think there’s a little more play than the i7 but not that you actually notice it when riding., so it still gets a thumbs up from me.



t’s still working faultlessly, although it won’t get loads of use now Ive got the YTI Capra which comes with a Rockshox Reverb Stealth.  I’ve now purchased a second KS LEV 272 for Emma’s bike.