New Bike being born !!

I’d planned to buy Emma a decent Mountain BIke for her birthday …… most likely a Marin, as her current ‘Estelle’  just isn’t up to the kind of biking she fancies trying. After looking around I was unable to find anything that would be suitable so I decided to build a bike up from components. First thing was the frame, she’d had a go on my bike (Santa Cruz Bullit) around the red route of Sherwood Pines and she loved the way it felt and rode, commenting that she felt loads more in control and understood more about why I liked biking, I also saw an instant positive change in her speed and ability. So with her feeling good about that frame I bought a used Bullit frame albiet in small size. She really wanted one in red, so I’ve had the bike dipped to remove all the old paint, I then ground off the cantilever lugs and some of the useless hose guides as these were in a position where they were of no use for disc brakes, making for cleaner lines on the swing-arm and I’ve had it powder coated red. I did have a few niggles with the frame afterwards as I left BB cups in the bottom bracket shell to protect the threads. but the painters took them out and stuck cardboard in there instead, so now I’ve got to have the threads chased through with a tap to clean them. The other issue I’ve had is with new decals, I ordered some from the Santa Cruz importer so it had proper decals on after the powder coating, but when they arrived they just weren’t right; the main stickers for the downtube had huge cutouts to go around the shock mount, but the original decals needed no such cut out and if they were put in place then it just looked wrong, I’ve therefore returned those and am awaiting replacements without the cutouts.

I’ve bought all the components, mainly new but 2nd hand WTB wheels, Pace RC40 forks, DMR v12 Mag pedals and STX Hollowtech 2 cranks. Hopefully we’ll start building it around the 20th March 2013, I’ll add photo’s at various stages of the build as it progresses.


Swingarm attached to front triangle, new bearings and pivots were used
Fox DHX 5 Air shock inserted
Pace RC40 Forks attached along with Race Face Stem and Easton Bars
XT External Bottom Bracket and SLX Holowtech Cranks installed
USE Carbon Alien Seatpost inserted and Saddle attached
Hope M4 203mm IS front disc attached and WTB DUAL wheels with Continental Gravity tyre
Hope Mini 160mm IS rear disc attached and WTB DUAL wheel with Contineltal Gravity tyre

The rest of the bike was then built up without photo’s, XT rear mech, XT front mech, XT cassette, lockon grips. Wheel skewers hadn’t been ordered but I had some spare cheap ones that I temporarily used to complete the build, and will be swapped when the new ones arrive.

Firsdt shot of the complete build, needs gears setting up and brake calipers alligning still
After setting up the gears and brakes, Emma test rides the bike 🙂