Filey – 5th June 2012

Not bothering with too much of a write up on this but thought I’d share a few photos taken from Carr Naze at the north end of Filey.

We did get a soaking on the beach, laying down relaxing whilst the tide is coming in is not recommended, although we avoided a thorough soaking.

The walk back was a painful one as we were pushed right up the cliff bottoms which was just a fallen pebbles from the crumbling clffs, it seemed to take ages to get back.

We did come across a World War 1 concrete watchout hut, unfirtunately this is where our luck ran out as a huge wave crashed up the beach, I was trapped in the hut at the time and water went over my shoes …. in fact it went right up to my bloody knee’s … thanks very much Mother Nature!!!  Emma who was stood on a concrete block didn’t fully escape either, her nice little pretty shoes were now looking a little wet, and worse for wear. The last part of the walk from Primrose Valley were able to walk to the cliff tops and along which was a good job, as it impossiblt to get right back to Filey along the beach.

We paid a visit to Ingrams Fish Bar, in my opinion probably the best in Filey, and I had to have one of there Special Haddock dishes …. pricey but lovely!!

Afte tea we headed back towards the car so emmacould get a quick change, before we headed off for our walk to Carr Naze  and sat right on a small ourcrop of rock, and chilled for a while,  where all photos on this article were taken. Not sure that sitting on an steep incline 3 meters from the edge of th cliff top was a good idea considering our luck so far that day but we live to tell another tale.