Does Your Marin Squeak?


Bottom Bracket Ends and SpacersI’ve had a 2009 Marin Rift Zone for just over a year and its been a superb bike, its a full suspension with 120mm of travel, enough to tackle the tricky descents of Cavedale but at the same time the Quad Link design of the rear suspension means peddling back up those hills is efficient and none of the power you put into the peddles is wasted in the rear shock.

Having a good bike is great but that makes it even more annoying when it squeaks on every peddle stroke!

I’d put up with the noise for several weeks but the squeak was now infamous with riding friends. It was certainly not from the rear arm pivots as when hitting the hard stuff, it didn’t make a sound and I was confident it was when putting power into the peddles, probably meaning a bottom bracket related issue.

Bottom Bracket Mount in Marin Rift ZoneAfter removing the ridiculously tight screw ends from the frame, I discovered it was filled with a white residue which had hardened into the threads. On top of this the black coating on the spacer rings was cracked and could be causing the annoying squeak. It took over an hour to remove the residue with a stanley knife blade and several different types of cleaning fluids and spray.

Once I had cleaned up the removed ends I checked the surface of the frame where the bottom bracket screws in, only to find a number of scars, probably as a result of a few minor knocks. Using a file, I carefully removed the scars and ensured the surface was completely smooth, greased up the bottom bracket and fitted this time ensuring it wasn’t over tightened.

I’m pleased to report that there were no squeaks during our recent Hope Valley ride but time will tell if that dreaded noise returns.