Cannock Chase Biking – 10th June 2013

Riders were (supposed to be):   Guy, Little Chris, Julian and myself, but as Julian arrived at my house he said someone else he knows was meeting us there (Matt), oh and that Julians Dog would be joining us as well!! and when Little Chris turned up he informed us that a couple of peple he worked with were joining us (these 2 had previously come to Coed Y Brenin with us last year. Turning up at the car park, it was evident that it was a Monday, the car park was almost empty which is good, but the weather was a little chillier and cloudier than the promised forecast. As usual a quick browse in the shop was needed but I’m not sure any of us actually bought anything!

Setting off, the trail starts with some tight twisty turns through some woodland. Not to bad a start to the trail though to warm up on, and a few different things are thrown in to make it interesting, and that includes playing Follow the dog …..  yes we really were following the dog on a route called ‘Follow the Dog’. part way round we even bumped into somebody else Julian knew (very strange since it was Monday and we were about 60 miles from home) and they tagged along with us. Forthe first half of the ride I had no coordination for some reason, maybe I was just tired, maybe it was ballancing weird as I’d trodden on a nail the day before so it was uncomfortable pedalling. However once we got to the good black section at the half way point I started to pull it all together. 

Its the first time we’ve ridden there since the last section of rollers opened up again, although they’re no where near as good as they se to be but I do enjoy the last section as its quite fat and twisty.

At the end of the ride we met up with Heath, a friend of ours who lives in Poole (Dorset), he was riding it in the evening so it was good to meet up and chat first.