Bike night!

Tonight has been spent, fixing or at least tinkering with bikes. In total 7 bikes need some attention, from pumping up the rear shock of 1 bike after the owner wanted some extra air in it, he went to Halfords to ask advice and they sold him a pump for inflating tyres … Far too low pressure for a shock, Halfords should be ashamed for the advice they gave, as this just let out all the air in the shock. But we fed 220psi into the shock and now its fine. Other work was checking a bike over for a mate who bought one 2nd hand earlier this week. Plenty of rear gear adjustments, after riders had wiped out the rear mech. Guy tinkered with my bike which needed smaller chain ring bolts on it, I recently replaced the large and mid ring but the previous bolts were too long so the rings rattled, this is now sorted, cheers Guy.