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I'm a young 40 yrs old, born and bred in and around Mansfield Woodhouse. I biked throughout my childhood, but like many, I took a break for a few years when I first started working. By the time I was 23 I was riding again and started to get into Mountain Biking, and thats when my love of the Peak District started to develop (I'm not called Peak Geek for nothing), at 26 I was just getting into climbing as well; going out regular with a group of friends, I was either Mountain Biking or climbing 5 times a week minimum. At the age of 29 I started Motorbiking as well and for a number of years the climbing and Mountain Biking dropped off, but in 2009 I started Mountain Biking more regular. However, in Sept of that year I had a motorbike crash. Injuries sustained were a broken collarbone (not that I could tell) and the head of the radial bone in my wrist was smashed into about 10 pieces, this was quite a serious break, but I was determined to recover, and have not used it as an excuse not to do things but it can be a hinderance when climbing and trying to undercut or mantle. I've not replaced the Motorbike (yet!) but am enjoying having more time to do Mountain Biking and climbing again.