A Great Day Climbing at Lawrence Field Quarry

After waking up to rain, we weren’t sure if we were going to be able to climb outdoors so after filling our bellies with a fantastic English breakfast it was nice to find the rain easing off and the rock drying out. Armed with our climbing gear, some of our children and the enthusiasm to be outdoors, we set ourselves up for a day of climbing down at Lawrence Field.

Whilst the children went off exploring the surrounding area, Chris used his knowledge to find us a climb suitable to start with (He would have used his book but he forgot it … Again!). Chris lead with Graeme seconding and the rest of us followed them up one by one. As I have had little outdoor climbing experience, I am still finding myself lacking some confidence. After watching the blokes go up with what seemed like little effort,I set myself up for a fail but succeeded. It is always an exhilarating feeling to reach the top of a climb when I don’t think I can do it.

331476_10150424226313852_572948851_10732965_6392751_oWhilst we were setting up to abseil back down, we noticed ants all over the place.These weren’t ordinary ants … these looked to me like some sort of super sized killer ants. After each of us getting back to the ground, Chris began scouting for a nice route for the youngsters to climb. After finding one that seemed perfect and then finding out there was also an ants nest there, Chris and Guy found a back up plan.

Guy lead up to a ledge halfway up and anchored himself in with Marv seconding and following through to the top and anchoring in there. It was really nice to see all the of the children having a go regardless of size. They were more than happy just to be joining in. Guy then carried on to the top whilst the rest of us climbed this excellent route to the top.

I have no idea which routes we climbed or their difficulties but I was actually glad I didn’t have a grade putting me off. I think it was an excellent day for all, it certainly was for me. The only problem I have (other than being surrounded by abnormal ants) is I always want to go and do some more. I’m hoping that before the warm dry months disappear that we may get out again, if not I will certainly be looking forward to next year.