Snowdon April 2017

Well, it’s been a while since we’ve been able to add any blogs to C&C, but now we’re back online. The first blog is one of our first trip to Snowdon in 2017. We had a few new comers to this so the participants were: Al, Marv, Michelle, Chris (myself), Emma, Russ, Nicky, Sylv, Troy,… Read more »

It’s great to be back

2016 has been a mammoth year for me, a new business has taken a huge portion of my time and a lot of my usual staple activities have gone by the way side.  2017 however has started well however, the gang are back climbing once a week albeit at Staveley’s healthy living centre. It’s not… Read more »

Blencathra via Sharp Edge and Halls Fell Ridge

Making a decision on a walk for our trip to the Lake District this year, was a little more difficult than I had found it last year. Last year, the bikers were doing Hellvelyn and so it seemed an obvious choice for Emma and myself to go up the same mountain via a different route…. Read more »

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Product Review – KS Lev 272 Dropper Post

I recently ordered this to replace my failing KS i7. And despite being told they were put of stock and weren’t expecting anymore in until begining of Aug, I got home last night (21/07/2014) to find it had already arrived, and in addition it came with a remote lever (with the i7 I had to buy it… Read more »

A new addition to the family – I’ve ordered a YTI Capra Comp1 :-)

With the recent reviews and massive amounts of praise for the YTI Capra Comp1 I decided to bite the bullet (or should that be replace the Bullit) earlier than planned. I was in the midst of saving or a SC Bronson Carbon, but on reading the reviews of the Capra I decided I’d order one of… Read more »

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Tour de France – Masham – 5th July 2014

Tour de France – 5th July 2014 I’m not a fan of roadies but the event was going through some beautiful countryside not too far from home and it was likely to be a spectacle was a bit of a late decision to go, but Emma booked us to stop at the Bivouac a few… Read more »

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Yorkshire Dales – May 2014

Thursday 29th May 2014  Today was just a driving day up to the Yorkshire Dales, followed by a bit of a relaxing.   Friday 30th May 2014 This was to be our second attempt at descending Gaping Gill (Ghyll) using the winch that Bradford Potholing club set up every Spring Bank Holiday (late May). Last year… Read more »

Helvellyn Weekend – 2nd Aug 2013 to 4th Aug 2013

This trip was to replace our usual annual trip to Coed Y Brenin, and it was the first time our partners were coming along, rather than it being just a blokes biking weekend.  24 people were supposed to be going but only 21 of us actually went, and not all would be biking. I’d choose… Read more »

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Caving and Gorge Walking – 28th July 2013

Attendees from Cogs n Crags  today were Guy, Ginette, Marv, Emma and myself (Chris). Setting of to meet our guide ( Malc of  the skies were overcast but at least today it wasn’t raining (so far), it had come down very heavy in the night though and some of the roads in the Peaks… Read more »

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Cannock Chase Biking – 10th June 2013

Riders were (supposed to be):   Guy, Little Chris, Julian and myself, but as Julian arrived at my house he said someone else he knows was meeting us there (Matt), oh and that Julians Dog would be joining us as well!! and when Little Chris turned up he informed us that a couple of peple he worked with were… Read more »

  • Shimano XT Rapid Rise Rear Mech – Product Review

    Being in need …. actually, just wanting is more the case 🙂 ….  but wanting a new rear mech, I ordered an XT Rear Mech from Chain Reaction Cycles, in error I ordered a Rapid Rise (Low Normal), I was tempted to send it back but I decided that I’d give it a try … there’s… Read more »

  • Deepdale – Thurst House Cave – 27th Nov 2011

    Earlier in the year, Guy Little Chris and myself went biking and came across Thurst House Cave, and decided we’d have to come back to go in the lower chamber sometime .. that time was today so it was a shame Little Chris couldn’t make it. Those that did go was Al Sanders, Graeme Pearson,… Read more »

  • Snowdon – 15th October 2011

    Snowdon – For a number of years I would go once a year in the winter to cycle up it, and it was almost always when they’re was snow up top, but for a few years I’d not had chance, the last 2 years were because of recovering from a broken wrist and having the… Read more »

  • Yarncliffe Quarry – 2nd October 2011

    The plan was to meet up at mine for 9.15 but at 9.50 I gave Guy a call who still hadn’t got back, only to surprise him a time had been set, anyway the amended plan was we would set off and himself, Ginette and the kids would meet us at Yarncliffe, unfortunately they never arrived… Read more »

  • Cannock Chase – Monkey Trail – 1st October 2011

    Riders were, Marv, Guy, Little Chris, Pat and myself. Turning up at the car park, it was evident that the good weather was bringing people out to enjoy the Chase, the car park was already quite full All of us but Pat had ridden the Monkey Trail before and knew what to expect; Pat was… Read more »

  • Wales – Coed Y Brenin 2011 – Day 3 – (Sun 18th Sept) – “Cli-Machx”

    Our Final ride of the trip was going to be the ‘Cli-Machx’ route which was on the hills opposite our bunkhouse. Having packed everything up in the morning we filled the cars up and get ready to ride, just in time for it to start raining (no surprise there then). We pedalled off into Corris… Read more »

  • Wales – Coed Y Brenin 2011 – Day 2 – (Sat 17th Sept) – Ride 2 “MBR [part of] “

    Making our way from the trail centre we went down the steps, some of us riding down them, and made our way to the start of the trail. We headed off from the giant Forks that is the start of a number of trails and rode the ‘BADGER’ section and then the section called ‘DREAM… Read more »

  • Wales – Coed Y Brenin 2011 – Day 2 – (Sat 17th Sept) – Ride 1 “TARW”

    Day 2 was actually Day 1 for most people as they hadn’t ridden on the Friday. We were going to leave the Bunkhouse for 8:15, that would get us there just before we thought the Trail Centre opened at 9:00, however it didn’t actually open until 9:30, which wasn’t a problem as we were  almost… Read more »

  • Wales – Coed Y Brenin 2011 – Day 1 – (Fri 16th Sept)

    Our annual Mountain Bike trip to Coed Y Brenin started with a stop off at Llandegla Forest Trails. We left the car park and spent a short while on the play area, before starting the ride proper. The trail is only about 14 miles long, and started with a long uphill slog, before getting fast… Read more »