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Snowdon April 2017

Well, it’s been a while since we’ve been able to add any blogs to C&C, but now we’re back online. The first blog is one of our first trip to Snowdon in 2017. We had a few new comers to this so the participants were: Al, Marv, Michelle, Chris (myself), Emma, Russ, Nicky, Sylv, Troy,… Read more »

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Caving and Gorge Walking – 28th July 2013

Attendees from Cogs n Crags  today were Guy, Ginette, Marv, Emma and myself (Chris). Setting of to meet our guide ( Malc of www.truthandtrustadventure.co.uk)  the skies were overcast but at least today it wasn’t raining (so far), it had come down very heavy in the night though and some of the roads in the Peaks… Read more »

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Caving at Bagshawe Cavern, Bradwell – 5th Nov 2012

Participants were Emma and myself,  2 unknown people along with our instructor (Adam Evans) and a trainee instructor.   This trip was a Caving experience purchased from ‘Living Social’ (Similar to Groupon), it was only a taster but we thought why not. Meeting up with Adam and the trainee instructor for the event, we were introduced… Read more »

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Me vs The Boys … to be continued!

Being the only female and the shortest in the group, I find my climbing technique has to often differ from the men. I have neither the strength or the height advantages which the the others benefit from nor am I as flexible as Chris who being the smallest of the men can stretch his legs… Read more »

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Welcome along to Cogs and Crags, a newly formed home for a group of friends wanting to talk about the various outings, incidents, achievements and everything else mountain biking and rock climbing related. Some of the team and others on our recent biking day in Hope Valley (from left to right, Andrew Wheeldon, Julian, Ian Croft,… Read more »