Howden/Derwent Reservoir bike ride – 7th April 2013

Only a gentle ride around lower path of Howden and Derwent Resevoirs, and no where near as difficult as the last ride at Ladybower (generic term as more people know it as this) but it’s good to get some pedal time in regardless.

Before setting off, a quick sausage cob and hot chocolate was needed, and were lucky enough to only be swooped on by 2 ducks instead of the usual several dozen.

Emma’s enjoying getting out on the bike despite the cold weather and snow still covering paths, although we’re finding we need to do slight tweaks to get it set up for her lightweight frame which I expected anyway. Sag has ben sent to about 25% on the DHX5 Air shock but the most the shock was moving was around 1mm of shock travel, since the last outing I’d reduced  the pro-pedal setting  but it hadn’t helped so I removed some air out of the airspring chamber in the rear shock but this didn’t seem to help to get the shock moving, so I’ve wound the pro-pedal right down and removed some of the air in the bottom out chamber, this helped and the shock moved plenty then although I think I’ve  removed too much  air out of the main chamber,  so I’ve stuck a bit more in again and we’ll see how it is the next time we’re out. I also need to change the grips for her as the ones she has is causing a bit of grief to the Ulna nerve area

There’s very little to write about regarding the ride around the reservoirs, it’s a gentle 12 mile ride with 50% of it on a tarmac road that is closed to traffic at a weekend anyway. It’s quite tranquil to go round and it’s almost impossible not to think of DamBusters. Sunday was the warmest day we’ve had for quite a while, although there was still a chill in the air around the reservoirs and still plenty of snow hanging around at the sides of the road and up on the valley sides/tops, further along the trail there was also plenty of snow on the path, which always makes for interesting riding, Emma being taken down at one point, and I’d almost gone at the same point only a minute earlier.

Arriving back at Fairholmes, a drink of tea was needed by Emma,  then it was back home to wash the bikes down and chill out in front of the TV ready for the opening round of the MotoGP season .. and what a race it was as well !!!